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Travis spent three years planning and preparing for his world record flight and built great relationships with sponsors, these sponsorships quickly become friendships that will remain for many years to come.

He raised half a million dollars and built a rapidly growing following on social media. Travis managed all this while doing his flight training, both here and in the US, and doing his school exams. In fact, he took off for his around the world flight, just one week after completing his A-Level exams.

To date, 574 people have travelled to space, in comparison only 118 people have flown around the world in a single engine aircraft. Travis travelled 26,759 miles in just 43 days, becoming not just the youngest around the world pilot but also one of the fastest and he did it is what is fair to say, the slowest plane.

Travis is a passionate and engaging speaker, he adapts his talks to suite his audience and draws the audience in to his cockpit to really feel his experiences. His talks are inspirational, motivational and informative and motivates, while remaining modest about his achievements.

Travis' talks are inspirational, motivational and informative, while adapting each talks to suite his audience he engages the audience, bringing them in to his cockpit to really feel his experiences.


More than ever before, leading through inspiration, sharing of stories and demonstrating priorities is key to the success of the next generation of leaders. These are turbulent times and people, young and old, face new and unknown issues generated by our growing agile and complex world.

People are most inspired by people who have experienced difficulty and never give up. Travis adapts his talks by using his experiences, through a variety of different topics, to best capture his audience and help in their own dreams and success.


Perseverance is crucial when drive and resilience is needed to complete your objective. Irrespective of Travis' challenges, he has often had to dig deep to pursue and achieve his goals, long after others others would have called it quits. He talks about how his perseverance helped achieve his dream, goal and vision.


Motivation is a crucial element in setting and attaining one's objectives. During his 43 around the world flight, Travis often had to battle with tiredness and the lack of inspiration. Travis talks about making the necessary mental shift to reconnect to your source of motivation can give you the boost needed to achieve your goal.

Influencing the Young

Something very close to Travis' heart is the need for people to support and help influence young people. Travis talks about how important the support he received was in the success of his venture and the fulfilment of his dream. Young people can achieve so much more with the loving support of family and friends.

Raising money/Sponsorship

Raising money or getting sponsorship is not always easy and money can dry up. Travis raised half a million dollars for his around the world flight, half was raised before he even had a plane or pilots licence. He talks about how he got people and businesses to donate and sponsor his dream.

Solo and Teamwork

The very nature of Travis' world record flight meant he had to a great deal of work on his own. Travis talks about his mindset during those lonely journeys and what he needed to do to work through them on his own but he also talks about the importance of teamwork and how only managed to achieve his goals through working as part of a team.

The World & Aviation

In his long flights around the world, Travis had time to ponder on the beauty and wonder of the world beneath him. As both a pilot and an environmental protection advocate, he is torn between a career that produces billions of tonnes of carbon emissions on an annual basis and doing the right thing for the planet. He talks about the future of aviation and how so many are working hard to make it sustainable.

An Inspirational Message

Travis' early reservations about his around the world flight were not due to any concept of failure, that never entered his head, his concern was purely down to the attention he would get when he succeeded. You see, his dream of flying around the world was not for fame or recognition but purely his love of flying and exploration.

Thankfully he now accepts that his experiences, before and during his record-breaking adventure, has given him something worth sharing with others. No longer shy or humble, he now does that with passion and sincerity.

His story is of struggle and adversity in achieving his goals; from the hostility of his first flight school to the trials and tribulations of sponsorships and the delays caused by Covid and, he had many obstacles to overcome before he eventually took-off at 18. Then during his actual flight around the world, Travis had two near fatal incidents and was threatened with arrest and imprisonment.

Travis talks about the difficulties of getting his dream off the ground, literally… how he raising half a million dollars and flew 26,759 miles in just 43 days, to beat the world record by just 12 days.

His stories will inspire and hopefully motivate others to believe in themselves, so that they too can achieve the extraordinary.